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History of Maumont

Translated and adapted from: «Château et Logis de la Charente» Bruno Sépulchre bookshop - 2005 edition

The Castle of Maumont was erected in the sixteenth century to replace an older construction.

 In the 15th century the seigneuries of Maumont and Magnac were the property of the St Gelais. This family gave birth in particular to Octavian of St Gelais, bishop of Angoulême, builder of the bishop’s residence (today the municipal museum of the city). In the 16th century, Maumont belonged to the family “Des Ages”, lords of several fiefs in the Angoumois. In 1603, Bertrande des Ages was married to François de La Rochefoucauld and brought Maumont as part of her dowry. The branch of La Rochefoucauld-Maumont was created. This branch gave birth in the eighteenth century to François-Joseph de La Rochefoucauld, bishop of Beauvais and his brother Pierre-Louis de La Rochefoucauld, bishop of Saintes. They remained brothers in death as they were martyred during the Revolution, 1792, and were beatified by Pope Pius IX in 1926. In August 1992, a tribute was paid to them at the castle of La Rochefoucauld in the presence of members of the family as well as ecclesiastical and political figures of the department.

In 1773 the estate of Maumont was sold by the de La Rochefoucauld family to M. Pierre Varin, “Lieutenant, conservateur des chasses” of the Comte d'Artois. He became seigneur of Magnac and Maumont. In 1780, at the time of his death, his son Salomon inherited estates, castles, offices and titles. He decided to sell Maumont in 1817 to Pierre Navarre in turn sold it in 1833 to three of their grandchildren. One, M. Callaud-Belisle, removed the falls of the two seigneurial mills on the Touvre to create the paper mill at Maumont in 1834.

This mill was detached from the estate. No longer in use, it then became occupied by the largest fish farm in Europe. 

The commons of the castle and the main building were built along the same alignment.

The castle facade is built in the Renaissance style. The arched door, richly decorated, is surmounted by an armored coat of arms. A chapel in a round tower with a pepperpot roof stands apart.  The tower is part of the earlier construction.

History of Maumont

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